A Holistic Approach to Your Skin Type

On today’s episode of The Spa Dr. Podcast, I’m delving into a holistic approach to skin types with you. Over my past 20 years as a naturopathic physician, I’ve never found the typical skin types (oily, dry, sensitive, mature, etc.) to be helpful in truly addressing skin issues. So, when I was writing my book Clean Skin From Within, I redefined skin types around the root causes behind them. I discovered that there are 6 root causes behind skin issues, but not everyone has all 6. I noticed certain patterns in my patients, so I created 5 skin types that each have a combination of several of the root causes. When you find out which skin type you are, it makes it much easier to address the root cause and completely clear up skin issues. I go into depth on all 5 skin types in today’s podcast, so you can start addressing YOUR root causes and improve not only your skin but also your overall health!

So, please enjoy this podcast …

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Transcript of A Holistic Approach to Your Skin Type

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