Are You an OLIVIA Skin Type?

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Do you feel self-conscious about constant breakouts on your face and/or chest? Have you tried all kinds of conventional treatments for acne with little to no success? Or are you tired of constantly picking at your face in an attempt to keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay? Do you notice your skin is oily in places and makes you look shiny? Or do you even struggle with finding the right balance with face powders and moisturizers?

If you answered yes to any of the above… then you are most likely an OLIVIA skin type. If so, you may be wishing you could find a healthy and effective solution to your skin problems. You’ve probably tried everything possible to dry up the excess oil on your skin with various cleansers, toners, masks, and other topical treatments … unfortunately, this usually does more harm than good.

Having OLIVIA skin doesn’t necessarily mean your whole face is oily or breaking out constantly, but that you have at least a few areas, such as by your nose or hairline that cause you concern. Luckily, a natural approach can help you minimize these troublesome issues and give you lasting results for your skin problems.


(It’s quick and easy to learn if you’re an Olivia)


OLIVIA Skin Type Overview

Let’s look at what exactly it means to have OLIVIA skin. It’s important to recognize the characteristics and root causes of the skin conditions in order for you to improve the health of your skin.

Common skin conditions for OLIVIA skin:

  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin
  • Yellowish, small, soft papules (known as sebaceous hyperplasia) on the face

What causes OLIVIA type skin?

The four main causes of OLIVIA skin are:

  • Blood sugar issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Microbiome disturbance
  • Inflammation

A rise in blood sugar causes your body to produce more insulin, which in turn increases androgen activity and sebum production. A balanced diet will help stabilize your blood sugar. It will also help balance your hormones, gut microbiome, and inflammation in your body. 

A Holistic Approach For OLIVIA Skin

If you have OLIVIA skin, one of the main root causes is microbiome disturbance. You’ll need to take both an internal and external approach to address this imbalance. Nutrition is key in addressing inflammation and treating OLIVIA skin naturally. It’s also important to get your pH balanced through a combination of nutrition and supplementation because when your skin’s pH is well-balanced, you’ll have glowing skin that ages gracefully. And isn’t that what we are all hoping for? So here are some specific things you can do to help minimize microbiome disturbance and inflammation on your skin.


  1. Watch Your Sugar Intake
    When blood sugar rises from excess sugar intake, insulin production increases in your body, triggering sebum production and androgen activity . All of this can lead to those dreaded acne breakouts. You don’t have to give up sugar forever, but take a look at my free book, Clean Skin From Within (just pay for shipping) to learn how to give your skin and body what they need for you to look and feel your best (plus it’s full of delicious skin nourishing recipes that taste amazing).

  3. Balance Your Hormones
    Hormone imbalances such as androgen excess are known to trigger acne in both men and women. One thing you can try is to stop eating dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.) for two weeks and see if you notice a change in your skin. Dairy products are made from the milk of pregnant (and recently pregnant) cows, which contains hormones that can throw your own hormones out of balance.

  5. Boost Your Gut Health
    Another thing that can trigger acne is when the good bacteria that live in and protect your digestive tract are out of balance. Eating probiotic-rich foods such as fermented vegetables or coconut yogurt is a great place to start. For extra support though, consider taking a high quality probiotic such as Microbiome Builder.

  7. Use Clean and Balancing Skin Care
    If you have acne, that means your delicate skin pH and the balance of microorganisms that live on and protect your skin is disrupted. Because of this, it’s best to use skin care products designed with the correct pH and natural ingredients to restore the health of your skin. Said another way, most skin care products are not pH balanced for your skin. Which is crazy, because instead of helping your skin, they’re actually harming it! For OLIVIA skin types, I recommend using all four steps of the Daily Essentials Skin Care System both morning and night.

  9. Fill in Your Nutrition Gaps
    Nutritional deficiencies play a role in OLIVIA types’ skin issues. For example, zinc is an important nutrient for clear healthy skin, which you can consume via a supplement such as Skin Hair and Nails Support or obtain from foods such as green beans, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds.


Easy DIY Skin Care Recipe

Natural skin care options can be really simple. Just check out this quick DIY non-toxic skin care recipe from my best-selling book, Clean Skin from Within to see what I mean.


Oats in this face mask not only have anti-inflammatory properties but they also help absorb excess oil.
The balancing effects of yogurt and green tea make it great for those with acne-prone OLIVIA skin.

  • 1⁄4 cup (30 g) oat flour
  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) brewed green tea, cooled
  • 2 tablespoons (30 g) plain organic yogurt

In a small bowl, mix the flour, yogurt, and green tea. Apply evenly to your face. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes; rinse with warm water.

What Women with OLIVIA Skin are Saying

“I have an oily T-zone, so I usually like the squeaky clean feel and don’t like putting moisture on my face because it’s already oily enough. However, after using this system my blackheads are diminishing, and my skin is not more oily. It actually feels hydrated for the first time. And it does not feel “heavy” on my face. And it looks healthier. I love the all natural ingredients- most skin care products advertise “all natural” but include a lot of synthetic chemicals with a few natural ingredients thrown in. These products are ALL natural, so I can trust that I am not putting chemicals on my face.”
~ Christine S.

Ready to Dig Deeper?

In this podcast episode I go over all five skin types and discuss some of the holistic approaches to overcoming the root causes of their individual issues.

If you want to learn even more about how you can improve your OLIVIA skin using natural approaches to achieve glowing, healthy, youthful skin… then, I’d like to offer you a free copy of my best-selling book Clean Skin from Within. It will guide you through a 2-week program for improving your skin from the inside out. It also goes into a lot more detail about all of the skin types and how to change your diet and skin care routines so they best suit your skin’s needs.


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