Women’s Hormones, Health and Skin with Dr. Anna Cabeca


We often talk about root causes on The Spa Dr. podcast, and one of the root causes we talk about is hormone imbalance. Have you ever wondered if your hormones are the reason behind your health and skin issues?

Well, if you’re a woman and you think your hormones may be out of balance or if you’re a woman over 30 and care about your health and want to age gracefully, you’ll want to watch this podcast.

My guest is Dr. Anna Cabeca. She is an Emory University trained gynecologist and obstetrician, a menopause and sexual health expert and international speaker and educator.

On today’s podcast we cover how your hormones change throughout your cycle and your life and how these changes impact your health and skin. Dr. Cabeca covers how each hormone plays a role and she shares specific nutrient, diet and lifestyle choices that will help balance your hormones.

So please enjoy this interview with Dr. Anna Cabeca.

To learn more about Dr. Cabeca, go to www.drannacabeca.com

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Thank you, and we’ll see you next time on The Spa Dr. Podcast.


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